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2017-05-27 jmccrohan

  • /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: picoLCDGraphic: change backlight

from bool to byte

  Based on patch submitted by Mike Edwards
  <[email protected]> to Debian Bug #861993
  ( See excerpt from bug report
  ----------------------------------------- Dear Maintainer,
  Using driver 'picoLCDGraphic' in lcd4linux.conf, backlight can
  only be set to 0 or 1 (off/on). While the backlight of the
  picolcd is on at boot, the moment lcd4linux starts, the backlight
  turns off with either setting.
  Looking at the source for the driver, I found that somewhere
  along the line, the function to set the backlight had been
  changed to use an 8 bit value from 0 - 255, effectively making
  this a brightness setting:
  static int drv_pLG_backlight(int backlight) { unsigned char
  cmd[[:2]] = { 0x91 }; /* set backlight */
  if (backlight < 0) backlight = 0; if (backlight > 255) backlight
  = 255;
  cmd[[:1]] = backlight; drv_pLG_send(cmd, 2);
  return backlight; }
  ... but the config option for backlight was still limited to only
  accepting a 0 or 1: if (cfg_number(section, "Backlight", 0, 0, 1,
  &value) > 0) { info("Setting backlight to %d", value);
  drv_pLG_backlight(value); }
  I've patched that if statement above to accept values between 0
  and 255. Now, setting the config option for backlight to 255 in
  lcd4linux.conf does result in the backlight being turned on at
  full brightness. -----------------------------------------
  Signed-off-by: Jonathan McCrohan <[email protected]>

2015-07-12 jmccrohan

  • /trunk/drv_TeakLCM.c, /trunk/drv_USBHUB.c: Replace non-portable

datatypes with C99 versions

  Found during OpenWrt's migration from uClibc to musl.
  Signed-off-by: Jonathan McCrohan <[email protected]>

2015-06-18 michael

  • /trunk/drv_HD44780.c, /trunk/drv_generic_i2c.c,

/trunk/drv_generic_i2c.h: drv_HD44780: add 8bit i2c mode for

  HD44780 by Michael Grzeschik <[email protected]>

2014-09-06 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/, /trunk/

  updated to automake 1.14.1

2013-05-23 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure: autotools update (iconv?)

  • /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c, /trunk/drv_dpf.c,

/trunk/drv_serdisplib.c, /trunk/plugin_raspi.c,

  /trunk/timer_group.c, /trunk/widget_text.c: indentation
* /trunk/, /trunk/drivers.m4, /trunk/drv_dpf.c: DPF
  patch by superelchi

2013-05-15 jmccrohan

  • /trunk/plugin_raspi.c: raspi: Disabled unless explicitly enabled

by user

  Add a raspi enabled stanza to lcd4linux.conf file to enable:
  Plugin raspi { enabled 1 }
  Signed-off-by: Jonathan McCrohan <[email protected]>

2013-03-10 volker

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure,

/trunk/plugin_raspi.c: disable plugin sensors if not found

2013-02-19 volker

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4,

/trunk/, /trunk/configure, /trunk/plugin.c,

  /trunk/plugin_raspi.c, /trunk/plugins.m4: new plugin raspi

2013-02-13 volker

  • /trunk/lcd4linux.conf.sample: added new examples to config file
  • /trunk/svn_version.h, /trunk/timer_group.c: Ticket #284
  • /trunk/drv_serdisplib.c, /trunk/svn_version.h,

/trunk/widget_text.c: stabilize text widget when no string is

  available; info message when serdisplib cannot open port

2012-06-23 mzuther

  • /trunk/widget_timer.c: widget_timer: oops, forgot to update


  • /trunk/widget_timer.c: widget_timer: timer widgets should not

abuse timer groups (fixes ticket #278)

2012-05-19 jmccrohan

  • /trunk/drv_PHAnderson.c, /trunk/drv_SamsungSPF.c,

/trunk/plugin_button_exec.c: Mitigate format string exploits

  error: format not a string literal and no format arguments
  Signed-off-by: Jonathan McCrohan <[email protected]>

2012-05-12 jmccrohan

  • /trunk/drv_generic_serial.h: Add drv_generic_serial.c functions

to header file

  New functions were added in rev1171, but were not added to
  Fixes Debian buildd [[:-Wimplicit-function-declaration]] warnings.
  Signed-off-by: Jonathan McCrohan <[email protected]>

2012-04-09 michael

  • /trunk/drivers.m4: typo fix from Robert Resch
  • /trunk/evaluator.c: patch to support hex sequences from Marcus


2012-03-26 mjona

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure,

/trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c, /trunk/timer.c, /trunk/timer_group.c:

  Fixed realloc error handling in timer_group.c; changed the
  interval member in the TIMER_GROUP structure from int* to int.

2012-03-26 michael

  • /trunk/timer.c, /trunk/timer_group.c: handle failing realloc()

correctly (thanks to Mattia)

  • /trunk/plugin_file.c: changed error() to info() to avoid syslog


2012-03-23 mzuther

  • /trunk/timer.c, /trunk/timer.h, /trunk/timer_group.c: timer

activation: use defines instead of integers for easier reading

2012-03-15 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure,

/trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: allow fine-grained backlight control

  for picoLCDGraphic

2012-02-27 michael

  • /trunk/drivers.m4: jpeglib dependency typo fixed

2012-02-23 michael

  • /trunk/drv_SamsungSPF.h: drv_SamsungSPF.h removed
  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure,

/trunk/drv_SamsungSPF.c, /trunk/drv_SamsungSPF.h: some fixes from

  Sascha Plazar

2012-02-22 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/, /trunk/drivers.m4,

  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/drv_SamsungSPF.c, /trunk/drv_SamsungSPF.h,
  /trunk/ driver for Samsung SPF by Sascha Plazar

2012-02-21 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4, /trunk/drv.c,

  /trunk/drv_FutabaVFD.c, /trunk/lcd4linux.conf.sample,
  /trunk/ driver for Futaba VFD by Marcus Menzel

2012-02-16 michael

  • /trunk/drivers.m4: teakLCM set GPIO='no' which produced linker

errors (thanks to Marcus menzel for reporting)

2012-02-15 michael

  • /trunk/drv_M50530.c: default model chnaged from 'generic' to


2012-02-14 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4,

/trunk/, /trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4,

  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/drv_TeakLCM.c, /trunk/lcd4linux.conf.sample,
  /trunk/ driver for TeakLCM by Andreas Thienemann

2012-02-10 michael

  • /trunk/drv_EA232graphic.c: patch from Robert Tesch: support

KIT120-5 and KIT129-6, GPO code repaired, use Scalefont

2012-01-16 michael

  • /trunk/drv_EA232graphic.c, /trunk/drv_generic_serial.c: Patch for

Driver EA232Graphic by Robert Resch

  • /trunk/drv_dpf.c, /trunk/drv_generic_graphic.c: scaletext patch

from Stefan Kuhne

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure: update

to automake 1.11.2

2012-01-08 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/, /trunk/drivers.m4,

  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/drv_dpf.c, /trunk/ DPF driver
  by Stefan Kuhne 8note that you need libdpf)
* /trunk/ [[:PATCH|2:2]] gcc warnings by Jonathan McCrohan
* /trunk/plugin_qnaplog.c: ATCH 1/2] gcc warnings by Jonathan

2011-12-26 michael

  • /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure, /trunk/,

/trunk/drivers.m4, /trunk/drv_generic_parport.c,

  /trunk/plugins.m4: old ancient legacy port access disabled by

2011-12-22 mjona

  • /trunk/drv_generic_text.h, /trunk/lcd4linux_i2c.h,

/trunk/timer.h, /trunk/widget_bar.h, /trunk/widget_gpo.h,

  /trunk/widget_icon.h, /trunk/widget_image.h,
  /trunk/widget_keypad.h, /trunk/widget_text.h,
  /trunk/widget_timer.h: All compilation related issues in the
  headers have been fixed. Now each header compiles with no
  warnings as a standalone file.

2011-12-09 sonic74

  • /trunk/drv_D4D.c: Replaced parameter NoPowerCycle with PowerCycle
  • /trunk/drv_D4D.c: Blit speedup, switch PICASO back to 9600 baud

when exiting

2011-12-08 sonic74

  • /trunk/drv_D4D.c: Removed compiler warning
  • /trunk/drv_D4D.c: SGC support

2011-08-31 jmccrohan

  • /trunk/drv_EFN.c, /trunk/plugin_huawei.c, /trunk/plugin_pop3.c,

/trunk/svn_version.h: Fix spelling errors. Flagged by Debian

  lintian check

2011-07-28 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/, /trunk/drivers.m4,

  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/drv_mdm166a.c, /trunk/lcd4linux.conf.sample:
  driver for Futaba MDM166A Graphic(96x16) vf-displays by Andreas

2011-07-27 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4, /trunk/drv.c,

  /trunk/drv_Newhaven.c, /trunk/drv_generic_i2c.c,
  /trunk/drv_generic_i2c.h: driver for Newhaven's
  NHD‐0420D3Z‐FL‐GBW. 4x20 LCD by Rusty Clarkson
* /trunk/drv_generic_graphic.c: indentation :-(
* /trunk/drv_generic_graphic.c: magic bold escape char by Andrew
* /trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4: picoLCDGraphics needs keypad
* /trunk/drv_D4D.c, /trunk/drv_EFN.c, /trunk/drv_FW8888.c,
  /trunk/drv_G15.c, /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbitalGX.c,
  /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c, /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c,
  /trunk/evaluator.c, /trunk/plugin_asterisk.c,
  /trunk/plugin_cpuinfo.c, /trunk/plugin_huawei.c,
  /trunk/plugin_wireless.c, /trunk/thread.c: various compiler
  warnings fixed
* /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure: Autoconf
* /trunk/ run smoketest on all of my 8 cores
* /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbital.c, /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c,
  /trunk/plugin_i2c_sensors.c, /trunk/plugin_mpd.c: indentation
* /trunk/plugin_mpd.c, /trunk/plugins.m4: patch to replace outdate
  library libmpd with recent library libmpdclient from Andreas
* /trunk/plugins.m4: lcd4linux-wireless.patch from Hans de Goede
* /trunk/drv_st2205.c: st2205-width-height-swap.patch from Hans de
* /trunk/plugin_i2c_sensors.c: hwmon patch from Hans de Goede
* /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbital.c: patch to support
  SureElectronicsDE-LD023 from Matt Joice

2011-05-06 harbaum

  • /trunk/drv_GLCD2USB.c: Fixed keypad widget in GLCD2USB

2011-02-12 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_USBLCD.c, /trunk/drv_picoLCD.c,

/trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c, /trunk/timer.c: timer.c: fixed

  detection of positive clock skew (and some typos)

2011-01-23 mzuther

  • /trunk/timer.c: timer.c: fixed clock skew detection
  • /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c, /trunk/timer.c: timer.c: skip

intermediate timer intervals

  "timer_inc()" now checks how many trigger intervals have passed
  since a given timer has been updated. This might be due to
  "negative clock skew" (think of summer time) or the fact that
  some processing took too long (i.e. fetching of a web site).
  These missed trigger intervals are then skipped and the user is
  notified so that he may adapt his timer settings. This handling
  is essential, otherwise unprocessed timers might stack up and
  would trigger continuously while at the same time becoming
  notoriously late and unreliable.

2011-01-05 michael

  • /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbital.c: fix for a bug introduced in the

DE-LD021 driver

2011-01-04 michael

  • /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c, /trunk/timer.c: indentation
  • /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbital.c: support for Sure Electronics DE-LD021

by Natanael Olaiz

2011-01-02 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4,

/trunk/, /trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4,

  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/drv_EFN.c, /trunk/ driver for
  EFN LED modules by Tilman Glötzner

2010-11-28 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_T6963.c, /trunk/,

/trunk/plugin_button_exec.c, /trunk/plugin_gps.c,

  /trunk/plugin_iconv.c, /trunk/plugin_seti.c,
  /trunk/plugin_wireless.c, /trunk/timer.c, /trunk/timer.h,
  /trunk/timer_group.c, /trunk/timer_group.h: commented, corrected
  and beautified both timer and timer group code

2010-11-27 mzuther

  • /trunk/timer.c, /trunk/timer.h: finished commenting the timer


2010-11-20 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_GLCD2USB.c, /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c,

/trunk/plugin_netinfo.c, /trunk/timer.c, /trunk/timer.h: started

  commenting the timer code
  I'm not done yet, but my system is currently very unstable, and I
  don't want the changes to get lost... :(

2010-11-19 harbaum

  • /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure,

/trunk/drv_GLCD2USB.c, /trunk/lcd4linux.conf.sample: Added

  brightness support for GLCD2USB

2010-11-18 harbaum

  • /trunk/tux.png: Added 128×64 sample graphic

2010-10-31 harbaum

  • /trunk/usbcalls.h: Removed accidentially added file
  • /trunk/aclocal.m4, /trunk/configure, /trunk/drv_GLCD2USB.c,

/trunk/drv_LCD2USB.c, /trunk/usbcalls.h: Minor description fixes

2010-09-19 michael

  • /trunk/plugin_huawei.c: patch from Jar: typo fixed, documentation

which is now in the wiki removed

2010-08-25 volker

  • /trunk/plugin_netinfo.c: added netmask_short in plugin_netinfo

for CIDR notation

2010-07-16 michael

  • /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbital.c: compile error fixed (thanks to Tom)

2010-07-13 michael

  • /trunk/drv_MatrixOrbital.c, /trunk/drv_PICGraphic.c,

/trunk/drv_USBHUB.c, /trunk/drv_ula200.c, /trunk/udelay.h:

  support for Sure Electronics's 1602 LCD Display Board with USB
  from Mikhail

2010-07-11 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_X11.c: X11 driver: possibility to ignore auto-repeated

KeyPress events

2010-06-25 michael

  • /trunk/drv_ASTUSB.c: ooops… forgot to add drv_ASTUSB.c

2010-06-21 michael

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4,

/trunk/, /trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4,

  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/drv_FW8888.c: driver for Allnet FW8888 from
  Claas Hilbrecht
* /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4,
  /trunk/, /trunk/configure, /trunk/drivers.m4,
  /trunk/drv.c, /trunk/lcd4linux.conf.sample, /trunk/
  ASTUSB driver from Henrik Schondorff

2010-05-19 michael

  • /trunk/configure: Ticket #170 (picolcd graphic build error) fixed

by matt

2010-05-17 michael

  • /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: Ticket #184 (LCD::contrast and

LCD::backlight segfaulting) fixed

2010-04-22 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: changed two

annoying info messages to debugging messages

2010-04-18 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: alternative

use of keypad widgets (instead of GPIO)

  • /trunk/drv_G15.c, /trunk/drv_X11.c: X11 driver: correctly handle

key releases

2010-03-12 volker

  • /trunk/drv_G15.c: changed hardcoded pixel resolution to

configuration; usb_*_np functions only if available; try to get

  USB vendor name

2010-02-23 michael

  • /trunk/plugin_huawei.c: 'Fix the huawei e220 at commands' by Jar

2010-02-15 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: minimum USB

read timeout is now 1 ms

2010-02-14 mzuther

  • /trunk/drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: drv_picoLCDGraphic.c: added

configuration for USB read timeout

2010-02-14 michael

  • /trunk/plugin_fifo.c: run
  • /trunk/plugin_huawei.c: plugin_huawei-fix-interval-check_V2.patch

from Jar

2010-02-12 mjona

  • /trunk/plugin_fifo.c: Improved config behavior.
  • /trunk/cfg.c: Fixed a segmentation fault bug in cfg_get().

2010-02-11 mjona

  • /trunk/plugin_fifo.c: All static memory allocations were turned

into dynamical ones. Improved configuration parameters: -

  FifoPath to specify the fifo path (if absent, a built in
  replacement is used) - FifoBufSize to specify the size of the
  internal buffer (this parameter is optional as the plugin will
  try to match the number of display columns; if it fails and no
  FifoBufSize parameter is supplied then a built in replacement is
  used) Simplified and rationalized init and exit functions: most
  global variables have been localized. Fixed several off-by-one
  overflows memory bugs.

2010-02-07 mzuther

  • /trunk/timer.c: timer.c: two small optimizations (removed “flag”;

tv_usec can't be negative)

  • /trunk/, /trunk/, /trunk/aclocal.m4,

/trunk/configure, /trunk/lcd4linux.c, /trunk/timer_group.c,

  /trunk/timer_group.h, /trunk/widget_bar.c, /trunk/widget_gpo.c,
  /trunk/widget_icon.c, /trunk/widget_image.c,
  /trunk/widget_text.c, /trunk/widget_timer.c: added grouping of
  widgets by update interval (new file "timer_group.c")
* /trunk/timer.c: BUG: handle negative delays in timer_process()
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