LCD4Linux supports graphic displays with colors, although there are only few (very vew :-) displays that are capable of displaying colors. At the moment only the X11, Image and 4D Systems drivers use color support.

A color specification has the format RRGGBBAA, representing 32 bits of Red, Green, Blue and Alpha (8 bits each).

You may omit the Alpha component, resulting in RRGGBB, which uses a alpha value of FF (255, completely opaque).

Every widget can use it's own color, and there may be a 'generic' foreground and background color (specified in the Driver section) which will be used if the widget color is missing.

Some drivers (namely the X11 and the Image driver) allow you to specify a base color, which is the color of the (imaginary) backlight. With this in mind, you can use alpha-blending to get foreground and background colors automagically.

basecolor  00AA00   (green)
foreground 000000cc (black, nearly opaque)
background 00000033 (black, nearly transparent)

will give you a green background, with slightly green pixels. To switch to red backlight color, just change the base color, and you're done.

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