Supports all 4D Systems Display Graphics Modules with SGC PmmC. Display size is autodetected.


Portserial device the display is attached to (e.g. /dev/ttyS0)
SpeedBaud for GOLDELOX modules; up to 230400.
PICASOBaud for PICASO modules; with FTDI USB2serial chips, for 128000 baud use 129032, for 256000 baud use 282353.
ModeText mode: 0 (fast); Graphics mode (use without Font and with -q): 8: 8 bpp; 16: 16 bpp
Font6×8, 8×8, 8×12 or 12×16 for fonts in ROM or string with number of sector on µSD card
Contrastinitial contrast value, 0..15 (useful range depends on the display)
IconsNumber of user-defined chars reserved for Icons (default: 0)
foregroundForeground color (possible in text mode, too). Example: 00ff00
backgroundBackground color (possible in text mode, too)
basecolorBase color. 000000 default and recommended for OLEDs.
!PowerCycle1: Turn power on/off between starting/stopping LCD4Linux (Flaky, seems to reset PICASO)

1st sector:


From 2nd sector: Images of glyphs of ASCII code 0 to 255 taken with @C command. Generator available here.

- Make optimized drv_D4D_bar_draw() optional

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