This driver supports a text displays consisting of up to 127 EFN LED modules connected to an ethernet to serial converter, the EUG 100.

Short Description: EFN (English Font display Network) is a display module displaying English character on 5×7 of Dot matrix LED through simple serial communication. When EFN receives ASCII code through RS232, it will display related character. Up to 127 modules an be connected to a serial line to form a text display

Manufacturer: COMFILE

Vendor in Europe: http://www.lextronic.fr/R974-matrice-a-leds-efn.html

Manual: see attachement

Remarks:: - Chaining serveral EFN modules can cause a significant current and a considerable voltage drop. It is hence advisable to supply the EFN modules with additional power lines (Ground and 5 V). - Changing the string to be displayed rapidly may make the serial transmission unreliable. I suspect a voltage overshootdue to a rapidly changing current. The driver hence sents the string to be displayed twice to every EFN LED module. - The driver expects the EFN module with the smallest address, i.e. address '1' to be the rightmost one of the display.

Short Description: The EUG 100 is a ethernet to serial converter. It communicates via 2 tcp/ip ports: - Port 1000: Data port. Every symbol received on this port is echoed on the serial port. Every symbol received by the EUG 100's UART is transmitted over this port (this function is not used in combination with the EFN modules). - Port 1001: Control port to set the communication parameters of the UART.

Manufacturer: ELV http://www.elv.de/output/controller.aspx?cid=683&detail=10&detail2=100277

Description of control word for EUG 100: The UART of the EUG 100 can be controlled by sending a 3 bytes sequence to port 1001: - Byte 1 sets the baud rate - Byte 2 controls the parity - Byte 3 controls the number of stop bits

Baud Rate (Bit/s) Byte 1 (ASCII)
300 0
1200 1
2400 2
4800 3
9600 4
14400 5
19200 6
38400 7
57600 8
115200 9
Parity Byte 2 (ASCII)
None 0
Even 1
Odd 2
Mark 3
Space 4
Stop Bits Byte 3 (ASCII)
1 1
1,5 5
2 2

Remark:: The firmware versions smaller than V1.2 of the EUG 100 contain a bug: If '\0' (0x00) is sent, the transmission on the serial port terminates. Consequently, none of the EFN module addresses can be set to '0'. According to ELV, this is fixed with V1.2 (I did not check…)

Display <name> {
    Driver    'EA232graphic'
    Size      <number>x<number>
    Host      <string>
    Port      <number>

Host'DNS host name'
PortTCPIP port for data transmission. Control port is Port+1 (see also description of EUG 100)


Display EFN-12x1  {
    Driver    'EFN'
    Size      '12x1'
    Host      'EFN.mydomain.org'
    Port      '1000'

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