FEATURES (LCD4Linux-0.9)

LCD4Linux does not use predefined screens, you can individually design the layout instead. The use of special sequences ('tokens') gives you full control of the layout, and therefore lcd4linux is completely independant from the display size.

*** %o %r ***
%p CPU  %r RAM
Load %l1 $r10l1
Busy %cb%% $r10cb

Load %l1 %r10cs+cb
Disk %dm $R10dr+dw
Net  %nm $R10nr+nw
ISDN $im $r10ii+io

From version 0.9.9 on LCD4Linux can control virtual rows, which means you can specify more rows than your display has, and scroll line by line or page by page.

All bars can start anywhere on the display, all types may be used simultaneously. Bars can be linear or logarithmic.

headed right

headed left



dual (split) bars

From version 0.9.11 on LCD4Linux can display user-defined icons, and these icons can even be animated! You can use them to create your own cool heartbeat.

These examples are not a fake, but created with lcd4linux and the raster driver. You can see exactly the same on your display!

CPU utilisation: user, nice, system, busy, idle

Memoy statistics: total, used, free, avaolable, shared, buffers, cached

Disk statistics: read/written blocks or bytes

Network statistics (LAN and PPP): packets or bytes received/transmitted

ISDN statistics: bytes in/out; ISDN connected (very useful if connected to a LED with a GPO!)

Temperatures: Up to 9 temperature sensors can be displayed. You will need the lm_sensors package to read out the temperatures.

  • APM: battery percentage, status and duration
  • PPP: bytes read and written (useful for xDSL connections!)
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcast, i.e. a digital satellite receiver card): Signal Strength and Signal/Noise Ratio
  • Mail and News: local, POP and IMAP mailboxes, unread news messages from NNTP
  • Seti@home: % completed, CPU time needed
  • WIFI: link, signal level, noise
  • Plugins: the output of up to 9 external commands can be displayed

A small lcd4linux-window can swallow on the K Panel!

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