(The missing pixel in the letter B is a defective LED in my display and not a bug in lcd4linux)

The LEDMATRIX display is a DIY LED matrix display. The current version sports an ethernet interface and a resolution of 80×32 pixels in three colors (red, green and amber).

The total display size is about 60 x 25 cm². It consists of 5120 individually addressable LEDs consuming at most 100 watts.

Display <name> {
    Driver     'LEDMatrix'
    IPAddress  '<ip address>'
    Port       Portno
    font       'font size'
    fontstyle  'style'

IPAddressIP address or host name of LED display (e.g.
PortUDP port number to be used. Default is 4711
FontFont size. Default is 6*8
FontstyleFont style (bold or plain). Default is plain)

To use red as the default foregound color:

    Driver     'LEDMatrix'
    IPAddress  ''
    Port       4711 
    font       '6x8'
    fontstyle  'bold'

    Foreground 'ff0000'
    Background '000000'
    Basecolor  '000000'

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