If you want to mention lcd4linux on your web page, you could use one of these images:

width=“59” height=“14”

width=“112” height=“22”

width=“169” height=“34”

width=“221” height=“41”

width=“221” height=“41” VFD-style (thanks to Bill Paxton)

width=“222” height=“42”

width=“274” height=“49”

width=“275” height=“50”

width=“327” height=“57”

width=“379” height=“64”

width=“328” height=“58”

width=“380” height=“65”

width=“432” height=“72”

width=“381” height=“66”

width=“433” height=“73”

width=“485” height=“80”

width=“434” height=“74”

width=“486” height=“81”

width=“538” height=“88”

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