Logic Way ABP (ABP08, ABP09) driver

Logic Way GmbH offers the ABP08 (RS232) and ABP09 (USB) appliance control panels with a 3×16 text LCD display.

At the moment the driver supports text output, keypad usage, background color definition. The panel's clock is automatically synchronized from the PC. The panel has an built-in switch contact that can be used to scheduled power-on the computer when switched off.

Other functions (buzzer and situation-dependent background colorization) are future work.

Display ABP08-16x3 {
    Driver  'LW_ABP'
    Port '/dev/tts/0'
    Speed 19200
    Size    '16x3'
    Background 'b 1'
# background: first character for color r, g, b, c, m, or y; number for brightness 0 = low, 1 = more
    Switchcontact '/etc/wakeup.conf'
# specified file can contain a timestamp (UTC), when switch contact has to be closed for a second
# at least the file consists of a single line of text; format is:
# switchtime=1258477576

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