The LCD4Linux project uses two mailing lists. A public one for users, and a private one, reserved to developpers.

To subscribe just send a message with the subject 'subscribe' to [email protected].

If you want to stay tuned about the development of lcd4linux, just send a message with the subject 'subscribe' to [email protected].

Note that most developers read lcd4linux-users too, so there's no need to post questions in both lists! \

An archive of both mailinglists is available at http://sourceforge.net/mail?group_id=1310

  • Michael Reinelt: Project leader
  • Herbert Rosmanith: Crystalfontz driver, X11 driver
  • Leo Tötsch: WWW driver,some clients
  • Luis F. Correia: uClibc compatibility, PID file handling
  • Martin Hejl: HD44780 enhancements, code optimizing
  • Nico Wallmeier: imond/telmond data processing
  • Patrick Schemitz: liblcd4linux, python bindings
  • Andy Baxter: Milford Instruments driver
  • Thomas Siedentopf: SuSE RPM packages
  • Xavier Vello: WIFI support, Debian packages
  • Markus Keil: XMMS Plugin
  • Samuel Mimram: Debian package maintainer
  • Luk Claes: Debian package co-maintainer
  • Javier Garcia: MySQL plugin
  • Roman Jozsef: RouterBoard driver
  • Daniela Bruder: Web Design, translation, catering :-)
  • Open systems ag from switzerland donated a Nexcom 1045L blade server equipped with a small display!
  • BWCT sent me one of their new USB to HD44780 Interfaces for free!
  • Beckmann+Egle donated a complete CompactTerminal set, including a 20×4 Display, a I/O module, a keyboard module, and a LAN module!
  • Andrew Ip from Cwlinux sent one of their great displays for free!
  • Robin from Adams IT Services sent me one of his USBLCD interfaces.
  • Henry Jakl from MatrixOrbital donated two real cool USB displays!
  • Brent A. Crosby from Crystalfontz sent me three of their great displays for free!
  • Udo Altmann donated LOTS of displays (HD44780, M50530, …)
  • Carsten Nau sent a REAL BIG graphical display based on the T6963 controller.
  • Ole Dreessen sent me some small and cute displays.
  • Thomas Heinrich donated a very beautiful 240×64 pixel display based on the T6963.

Thanks to all of you, you made it possible that lcd4linux supports this wide variety of different displays!

  • Michael Mueller: support for Beckmann & Egle driver
  • Michael Renzmann: testing various displays with HD44780 driver
  • Thomas Skyt Jessen: support and tests for the HD44780 driver
  • J Robert Ray: support for PalmOrb driver
  • Axel Ehnert: email counter and seti@home support
  • Carsten Nau: HD44780 GPO support & documentation, ISDN online support
  • Helmut A. Bender: T6963C support
  • Robin Adams: USBLCD driver
  • Andrew Ip: Cwlinux driver
  • Petri Damsten: sensors factor and offset patch
  • James Van't Slot: CrystalFontz testing
  • Jesse Brook Kovach: HD44780 dual-controller support
  • Ole Dreessen: HD44780 improved timings
  • Maciej Witkowiak: HD44780 16×1 display support
  • Ronald Landheer-Cieslak: autoconf/automake/libtool support
  • Lars Kempe: 'Fixed' Rows which do not scroll
  • Luk Claes: debian packaging support

Last but not least: thanks to you guys at sourceforge!

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