This driver can be used for various Noritake displays. Currently, the only display available is the following :

Noritake GU128x32-311


(Please see in the attachement section the links for the documentation of the display and the wiring).

The current driver does not yes support all the functions of the display, in particular, only the text mode is supported at this time, the graphic mode is beeing developped, no ways to set the brightness, no bars in text mode (But the graphic mode will support it natively).

Display <name> {
    Driver    'Noritake'
    Model     <string>
    Port      <string>

Modelsee below
Portparallel device the display is attached to (e.g.'/dev/parport0', or /dev/partport/0 with devfs)


The driver supports only one model now : GU311. It has to be specified. The size for the display is fixed to 4 lines and 21 columns in text mode.


Display Noritake {
    Driver   'Noritake'
    Model    'GU311'
    Port     '/dev/parport0'

No plugins yet.

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