ISDN Monitor (imon) plugin

This plugin gets information from an installed imond and/or telmond running on localhost or on a remote computer. With this plugin it is possible to show information about the last telephone call on a display (telmond) or you can see wether the fli4l/eisfair-Router is online and so on.

imon(cmd)Returns the result of the imond command
imon::version()Returns a string containing the installed imond version
imon::rates(channel,dir)Returns the current download or upload speed
imon::quantity(channel,dir)Returns the number of bytes up or downloaded
imon::status(channel)Returns 1 if the channel is online otherwise 0
imon::telmon(telinfo)Returns a string containg information about the last telephone call

For possible imond commands (cmd) take a look into the imond documentation.\

The following channels are valid:

pppoeIf you are using a dsl line (with pppoe or pptp protocol)
0first isdn channel
1second isdn channel

The following values for dir are valid:

inDownloading speed
outUploading speed

The following values for telinfo are valid:

dateThe date, when the last phonecall occured
timeThe time, when the last call occured
numberThe number of the person, who have called you
msnThe called msn
nameThe name of the caller according to your phonebook
msnnameThe description of the called msn

Plugin Telmon {
 Host ''
 Port 5001
 Phonebook '/etc/phonebook'

Plugin Imon {
 Host ''
 Port 5000
 Pass ''

Widget ImonDSL_In {
 class      'Text'
 expression  imon::rates('pppoe','in')/1024
 prefix     'In: '
 width       9
 precision   1
 align      'R'
 update      500

Widget ImonDSL_Out {
 class      'Text'
 expression  imon::rates('pppoe','out')/1024
 prefix     'Out: '
 width       9
 precision   1
 align      'R'
 update      500

Widget ImonDSL_Bar {
 class       'Bar'
 expression   imon::rates('pppoe','in')/102400
 expression2  imon::rates('pppoe','out')/12800
 min          0
 max          1
 length       20
 direction   'E'
 update       200

Widget ImonDSL_Online {
    class 'icon'
    speed 1000
    visible imon::status('pppoe')
    bitmap {
        row1 '...***'
        row2 '..***.'
        row3 '.***..'
        row4 '.****.'
        row5 '..**..'
        row6 '.**...'
        row7 '**....'
        row8 '*.....'

If Host entry is missing, localhost will be assumed.\

If Port entry is missing, imond/telmond default's one will be used.\

If Pass entry is missing, a empty password will be used.\

If Phonebook entry is missing, no replacement of numbers by the appropriate names is made.

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