netinfo plugin

This plugin provides meta information about a network interface.

netinfo::exists(device)determine existence of network device
netinfo::hwaddr(device)get hardware address (usually MAC address)
netinfo::ipaddr(device)get IPv4 address
netinfo::netmask(device)get netmask (IPv4) in long format like “”
netinfo::bcaddr(device)get broadcast address (IPv4)

'device' is a valid network device name, e.g. 'eth0' (do a 'cat /proc/net/dev' for valid names on your system)

Widget IPaddress {
    class  'Text'
    expression netinfo::ipaddr('eth0').netinfo::netmask_short('eth0')
    prefix 'IP'
    width  20
    align  'R'
    update minute

This should show the IP address of device eth0 in 20 columns like


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