PPP (Point to Point Protocol) plugin

This plugin provides statistic informations from PPP devices.

ppp(key, delay)gather PPP statistics

'key' is either 'Rx:<n>' or 'Tx:<n>', where <n> is the PPP device number.

The 'delay' value specifies a period of time (in milliseconds) for a delta computation. If you use a delta of 0 (zero), you get the absolute values. For delay values > 0 you get the delta value in 1/sec unit. Using a delta value of 500 msec seems to be a good choice.

Note that the PPP plugin should be considered obsolte, for two reasons: First, the used system call seems to be quite slow, so this plugin burns a lot of cpu cycles. Second, the netdev-plugin provides the same (and mor) information. In short: Use the netdev-plugin!

Widget PPP {
    class 'Text'
    expression ppp('Rx:0', 500) + ppp('Tx:0', 500)
    prefix 'PPP'
    width 9
    precision 0
    align 'R'
    update 200

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