seti@home plugin

This plugin provides information about a running seti@home session.

seti(key)return seti information

The 'key' parameter does not have any fixed values, but is taken as a search key into the state.sah file. Take a look at your state.sah to see which keys are supported on your system. Common keys are prog for 'percentage completed' and cpu for 'cpu time spent on current work unit'.

This plugin needs the following entries in the config file lcd4linux.conf:

Plugin:Seti.Directorywhere seti@home stores the state.sah file

Plugin Seti {
    Directory '/home/seti/setiathome-3.08.i686-pc-linux-gnu'

Widget Seti {
    Class 'Text'
    expression seti('prog')
    prefix 'Seti'
    postfix '%'
    width 10
    precision 2
    align 'R'
    update 1000

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