XMMS plugin

This plugin returns information about a currently running XMMS (X Multimedia System) Player. It uses the /tmp/xmms-info file for getting information about the currently palying track etc. You may need a XMMS plugin called 'XMMS Info Pipe' to create this file. Ensure to have xmms-dev installed in order to avoid problems when installing 'XMMS Info Pipe'.

xmms(key)returns value of <key>

<key> can be any field name from /tmp/xmms-info:

TitleThe title of the current song
StatusThe status of XMMS (playing, pause, …)
Tunes in playlistHow many entries are in the playlist
Currently playingwhich playlist-entry is playing
uSecPositionThe position of the title in seconds (usefull for bargraphs ;-) )
PositionThe position of the title in mm:ss
uSecTimeThe length of the current title in seconds
TimeThe length of the current title in mm:ss
Current bitrateThe current bitrate in bit
Samping FrequencyThe current samplingfreqency in Hz
ChannelsThe current number of audiochannels
FileThe full path of the current file

Widget MP3 {
    class      'Text'
    expression  xmms('Title')
    prefix     'playing '
    width       40
    align      'L'
    update      1000

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