This driver supports HD44780 or HD66712 displays connected to a “Router Board LCD port”

This particulary board not have paralell port but have a special LCD header where can connect an HD44780 display. This port called IOSC0 port, and is write only, this port control the 4 leds on board too.

Because its a write only port you can't control leds outside lcd driver or inverse, for this added the socket controlled leds. To send led status simply open an UDP socket and send to localhost port 3333 one byte or more anyway only the first byte 4 low bits used the others is cleared and ignored bit0 = Led1 ,bit1 = Led2 …

This socket polled via timer callback, for detail see at drv_RB_start()

I add at to end of the file drv_!RouterBoard.c an example!

If you don't want coment #define RB_WITH LEDS and this part will be ignored

Display <name> {
    Driver    'RouterBoard'
    Model     <string>
    Size      <string>
    Backlight <0|1>
    GPOs      <number>
    asc255bug <0|1>
    Icons     <number>

Model'HD44780' or 'HD66712'
Size<columns>x<rows> e.g. “16×2“
Backlightinitial backlight state 0=off 1=on
GPOsnumber of GPO's (not supported at the moment)
asc255bugset to 1 if you don't get solid blocks in bars, but an inverted P (the Portishead syndrome :-)
IconsNumber of user-defined chars reserved for Icons (default: 0)

Display RB {
    Driver    'RouterBoard'
    Model     'HD44780'
    Size      '20x4'
    Backlight  0
    GPOs       0
    asc2355bug 0
    Icons      1

The IOCS0 port lower 16 bits connected as follows:

12 LED1
13 LED2
14 LED3
15 LED4
1Vcc +5V
3RS (Register Select,AFDX)
4Contrast adjust (controlled) but how? if you know tell me not mentioned on User Manual
5E (enable signal, INITX)
6R/W (Data read/write or SLINX) not used connect LCD pin to ground
7Data 1
8Data 0
9Data 3
10Data 2
11Data 5
12Data 4
13Data 7
14Data 6
15Backlit GND (controlled) (IOSC0 bit 11)
16Backlit Vcc +5V

If you using this driver and board and you have any fun device connected, program or story :-) please share for me. Thanks.

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