This driver supports the USB to HD44780 interface module by Robin Adams IT services.

LCD4Linux communicates with the USBLCD over a kernel driver. This driver is part of the standard kernel since 2.4.20-pre7 (2.5.32). If you have an older USBLCD (Version 1.10 or 1.11) you have to download a special kernel driver from because the USB device ID has changed.

The USBLCD works with every HD44780 or compatible display, power for the display (and even backlight) will be supplied by USB.

usblcd1-sm.jpg usblcd5-sm.jpg usblcd7.jpg usblcd_blau1.jpg

The driver needs/supports the following entries in lcd4linux.conf:

Display: “USBLCD” \

Port: usually “/dev/usb/usblcd” \

Size: columnsxrows of the display (e.g. “20×4”) \

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