LCD4Linux supports the serial cashier displays BA63 and BA66 made by WincorNixdorf.

ba63.jpg ba66.jpg

There are two drivers for these displays: The WincorNixdorf (recommended) and the SimpleLCD driver.

Display <name> {
    Driver       'WincorNixdorf'
    Model        <string>
    Port         <string>
    Speed         9600
    SelfTest     <0|1>
    BarChar      <number>

Model'BA63' or 'BA66'
Portserial device the display is attached to (e.g.'/dev/ttyS2')
Speedthe baud rate from the display must match this value. WincorNixdorf displays usually run at 9600 baud.
SelfTestset to 1 to trigger the display selftest on startup (will take about 15 seconds)
BarCharASCII value for the char used to draw bars. 219 looks like a big full block.

The following configuration works for a BA63 display.

Display BA63 {
    Driver      'WincorNixdorf'
    Model       'BA63'
    Port        '/dev/tts/0'
    Speed        9600
    SelfTest     1
    BarChar      219

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