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If you have an idea what should be implemented in lcd4linux, this is the right place for you! The very important development process step software design should happen here, too, so feel free to add any comments, corrections, whatever…

If you are a developer, and have some spare time, you're very welcome to pick up an item and work on it!

lcd4linux shall provide a socket plugin. - As input parameters the plugin shall at least require hostname, and port number - The plugin shall open a listing socket - A client connected to the listing socket shall be able to sent text to the plugin. The plugin shall format and show the text on the display - The plugin shall understand control sequences sent by the client e.g. to position the cursor or clear the display.

I haven't found something like that, but I think it would be very usefull.

Poelchen1337: I do it something like this with my betascirpt (please help to develop and email me: [email protected] :

I create a newsfile in txt-format

wget http://feeds.n24.de/n24/homepage?format=xml
cp homepage?format=xml news.xml
rm homepage?format=xml
sed -e 's/<.*>//g' news.xml > nws.txt
sed -e 's/&lt.*&gt//g' nws.txt > news.txt
rm news.xml
rm nws.txt
cat news.txt

and then I let it show on the LCD with

file::readline('/path/to/file', line_number) 

I am currently using vlc to play music, and use the logger interface to ouput Streaming Radio/Icecast/Shoutcast info (Stream Name, Current Song) to a named pipe/pseudo terminal pair. To read and format the info, I use:

cat /dev/ptyu1 | fgrep --linbuffered -e "New Title" -e "Icy-Name" |
> sed -e "/access_http debug:/s///" -e "/New Title=/s//Now Playing: /"

This is similar to:\

tail -f /var/log/messages

Which gives me an output like this to stdout:

Icy-Name: : ampedOut : it's like a god's rubbing your tummy @ 128kbps
Icy-Url: http://ampedOut.net
Now Playing: Hanzel Und Gretyl - SS Deathstar Supergalactick
Now Playing: Amduscia - Beyond The Darkness
Now Playing: Inform?tik - Autonomous (Nothing Is Real Mi
Now Playing: Funker Vogt - Nothing To Include
Now Playing: Combichrist - this is my life

The current exec and file-read plugins do not allow for this type of continuous output. Reading the same info from nc would also be a problem.

Thinking about it, you would need to be able to run a command like above, continue to read stdout then do an internal comparison/grep, and depending on which grep matches, send that to the corresponding row/column/widget like:

exec(cat x | grep --line-buffered y | sed z)
expression-1 (string to match,string/characters to leave out)
expression-2 (string to match,string/characters to leave out)
expression-n (string to match,string/characters to leave out)

where expression is passed to a subwidget (in this case textwidget), with n being the number of widgets that will use it)\

Think of it as working with tail -f

  1. Geo

The evaluator can be extended with new functions by the use of plugins, which must be C code, compiled and linked. Sometimes it may be great if one could add simple functions in the lcd4linux.conf, using existing functions (think of it as subroutines).

Syntax could be the same as with variables:

Functions {
   sqr  arg1*arg1
   dist sqrt(arg1*arg1+arg2*arg2)

These functions would always have a variable number of parameters, which can be accessed withing the function only as variables with ne name arg1, arg2, …

Why you do not add embedded perl evaluator?\

It would simplify support of evaluator end stop endless feature requests for extending expressions. Also it would be rather easy to make plugin interface via perl which in its turn would allow end users to extend program without recompiling program by writing simple scripts.

  • lirc plugin to use a remote and control a menu on the lcd
  • switching and scrolling layouts - this would be a very nice feature …please
  • fully support for G15 display!
  • working icons ;)
  • Keypad support =) ← 2006-02-27 in CVS !!! , with a plugin to allow you to read keypresses via python → this would be very usefull
  • graphical display support!? ;-)
  • SED1330 Driver (Epson) support. Especially G2446 from Seiko Systems ;)
  • ST7036 (Sitronix) support (already instruction compatible with HD44780). For DOG-M series of LCD-Modules.
  • sequential changes of displaying informations ,10 sek. cpu temp, next 10 sek. cpu fan speed ,next 10 sek. free mem etc.

This could be achieved by introducing some kind of LayoutSet configuration objects and adding a few options to a Layout:

Layout 20x4 {
  Row1 ...
  Row2 ...
  DisplayTime 5

LayoutSet MySlideShow {
  DisplayTime 10
  Layout1 20x4
  Layout2 default

Where DisplayTime defines how long a Layout should be displayed before we go to the next one. If a DisplayTime variable has been defined within a LayoutSet definition, it is used as a default value for all Layouts without such a definition.

  • Also it would be cool, to pause and resume the automatic switching of the slide show via (LIRC) remote control. Or calling a predefined layout via a remote control key (menu function).
  • It would be great if in interactive mode not only expressions could be evaluated but also some form of mini lcd control language would be possible:
linuxhost# lcd4linux -f /etc/lcd4linux.conf -i
using raw port 0x378 (deprecated!)
You *really* should change your setup and use ppdev!

eval> clear
eval> put 3,10 "Hello, World!"

I'm currently trying to implement this but only time will tell if I can manage to add this to the interactive mode …

D-Bus is a new IPC system for unices, providing App ↔ App as well as App ↔ OS communication. It seems like D-Bus will be widely used in upcoming KDE and Gnome versions (its a freedesktop.org spec).

It would be great to have D-Bus client support available (could probably be done as a plugin), allowing lcd4linux to poll information from D-Bus enabled applications. (Like getting the current playlist entry from a media player etc)

Also, acting as a D-Bus Server would make sense (but would be more work to implement), so Applications could push information to lcd4linux, even if the App runs as normal user, and the daemon runs with root privileges.

*Global Hotkeys like Strg+Shift+F3 to switch between the layouts would be nice.

Driver for the Hitachi HD61830 chip

DataSheet HD61830A00H.html]

I like to see support for this and some othter Dotmatrix Display manufactured by Bona Fide.

You can get the data sheet directly from me if not available on the website since there was a problem for one week.

⇒ as this display uses KS0108 controller, it should work with serdisplib and the serdisplib driver from lcd4linux

⇒ i like to see support for max6953 i2c led matrix controller in cascade.

Would be nice to show weather info on my LCD screen.

⇒ in the mean time, you can experiment with the exec plugin and the weather command line utility (http://fungi.yuggoth.org/weather/; Debian package: weather-util):

# EDDH is Hamburg (Germany)
exec('weather -i EDDH', 600000)

This is useful by example to show the last 4 lines of a log like dmesg

Root ACCESS plugin:

I am using a dockstar that has debian squeeze on it and I can get LCD4LINUX working on it, I would like to use the lcd to show root access , and with keyboard type apt-get and other commands. So mini monitor.

Thanks for this wonderful tool. I am using dockstar, too. lcd4linux works like a charm except the outdated libmpdclient lib … many users would be thankful for easy compiling the mpd plugin without hair loss :) (mpdris could be an alternative - actually testing)

What about a integrated driver for DPF/AppoTech AX206?

is it possible to integrate an information when the Feature of Enigma2 Receivers ⇒ “HbbTV” is activ ?? Only the meassage on the Display “ HbbTV” Would be sufficient.

I would like to see the possibility to subscribe to mqtt topics from a MQTT broker (server), within lcd4linux. (Smart Home)

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