Logitech G-15 / Dell M1730 with Logitech gaming LCD

This driver supports the display module embedded in the Logitech G-15 gaming keyboard and the Dell M1730 Laptop with a Logitech gaming LCD panel (>=0.11). At this point in time the 'M*' and 'G*'keys don't work, however you're here for the LCD screen, not the buttons ;) At this point in time the driver is a bit temperamental (and very experimental) and you may see strange artifacts of text or graphics. In addition, you MUST run lcd4linux with debugging turned ON (-vv and -q), so you may need to edit your /etc/init.d/lcd4linux (correct for debian 3.1) or /etc/conf.d/lcd4linux (for Gentoo users) and make appropriate changes. Under Debian, you add a varible like so: 'DAEMON_OPTS=“-vv -q”'. If this is not your distro of choice, you might have to append -vv to the end of either the executeable path as you find it in the script, or to the end of the refrence to start-stop-daemon after the '–', if you dont see a '–' then add it to the line then append '-vv -q'. If this still doesn't work out, then get in contact with Jay and he'll see what he can do (jaycoles <@> yahoo.com).

That's basically all you need to get the driver up and running. At this point in time we don't support loading a bitmap, however it should be written fairly soon as it's too good a feature to pass up! (See the “cool things” page or the front page for an example of what this can do.)

For more infomation, see the G15 Forums. Keep in mind that it is aimed at a Windows crowd, and we don't currently have a Linux forum, so don't expect too many anwsers. You're best off contacting either the maintainer (phyreskull <@> hotmail.com) or Jay (as above) for assistance. For more infomation that's more or less up-to-date, see http://g15forums.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6675#6675 or http://g15forums.com/forum/ or even http://phyreskull.ithium.net/g15wiki/

The driver fully supports the text, bar and icon widgets.

This driver also supports the Logitech speaker Z-10 with integrated LCD (started from svn version 1039). logitechz10.jpg

For this driver the libusb (http://www.libusb.org/) must be installed (used version v0.1). To check if the driver is builtin in lcd4linux type

lcd4linux -l

on the command line. The output has to be like this:

LCD4Linux ...
Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 The LCD4Linux Team <[email protected]>

available display drivers:
   G-15                : Logitech G-15 or Z-10 / Dell M1730

The device is detected automatically by its vendor- and productID (0x046d for Logitech; 0xc222 or 0xc227 for G15, 0xc251 for M1730, 0x0a07 for Z-10).

Display <name> {
    Driver     'G-15'
    Size       <string>
    Font       <string>
    Foreground <color>
    Background <color>
    Basecolor  <color>

Driver'G-15' (for keyboards and speaker)
Sizesize of the display in pixels, specified as <width>x<height> (e.g. “160×43”)
Fontfont size, specified as <width>x<height> ('6×8' supported at the moment)
Foregroundcolor of active pixels (RRGGBBAA or RRGGBB), default is opaque black '000000ff' (see colors for details)
Backgroundcolor of inactive pixels (RRGGBBAA or RRGGBB), default is transparent 'ffffff00' (see colors for details)
Basecolorcolor of virtual backlight (RRGGBB), default is white 'ffffff' (see colors for details)

Driver Logitech {
   Driver 'G-15'
   # X and Y dimensions are hardcodded but i added this for completeness
   Size   '160x43' 
   # Font can only be '6x8' however '5x8' can be displayed sometimes
   Font   '6x8'

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