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This driver supports displays from LCDShop24 using the LCD-USB-Interface by Wallbraun Electronics.

The displays are fully graphical with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The driver supports loading of a background image, therefore the results look really cool:


Have a look at the Cool Stuff page for a larger picture!

The driver needs a special library called “libLUIse” which can be downloaded from Wallbraun Electronics. configure tries to detect if the library is available, and otherwise disables the driver.

Since 2008-10-14 there are additional informations about V3 controller with documentation of the protocol used. Wallbraun Electronics will not publish own Linux drivers for the V3 controller.

Display <name> {
    Driver      'LUIse'
    Model       'generic'
    DeviceNum   <number>
    Backlight   <0|1>
    Contrast    <number>
    Foreground  <color>
    Background  <color>
    Basecolor   <color>
    Backpicture <path/to/file>
    Mode        <gfxmode>.<gfxinfert>.<ScreenRotation>.<IORefresh>

DeviceNumcurrently alwys 0, maybe someday more than one display will be supported
Backlightinitial backlight state, 0(off) or 1(on)
Contrastinitial contrast value, 0..255
Foregroundcolor of active pixels (RRGGBBAA or RRGGBB), default is opaque black '000000ff' (see colors for details)
Backgroundcolor of inactive pixels (RRGGBBAA or RRGGBB), default is transparent 'ffffff00' (see colors for details)
Basecolorcolor of virtual backlight (RRGGBB), default is white 'ffffff' (see colors for details)
Backpicturefull patth to a BMP file loaded as background image
Modefour numbers controlling the display mode:
gfxmode0=or 1=and 2=xor
gfxinfert0=normal 1=invert
ScreenRotation0=normal 1=90° 2=180° 3=240°
IORefresh0=25ms .. 255=256*25ms

The driver provides the following functions:

LCD::Backlight(n)turns the display backlight on(1) or off(0)
LCD::Contrast(n)sets the display contrast (0..255)

Display LUIse {
    Driver 'LUIse'
    Model 'generic'
    DeviceNum '0'
    Backlight '1'
    Contrast '110'
    Backpicture '/home/tooly/backpics/bigwig4_normal.bmp'
    Mode ''

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